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My Life, Your Entertainment.

Vivian. 1/28/93. Livin in Texas, born in Nigeria.
No matter how bad life is, all i ever want to do is put smiles on peoples face. A bouns if i make you laugh.


i have two moods:

1. everybody get the fuck away from me

2. someone come over and cuddle and watch movies with me

there is no in between

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<b><b></b> Floyd's daughter:</b> Hey daddy can i watch t.v.?<p><b>Floyd Mayweather:</b> No its late and you need to go to bed.<p><b>Floyd's daughter:</b> Well can you read me a bedtime story before i sleep.<p><b>Floyd Mayweather:</b> ..................... Okay you can watch t.v.<p><p>


White PPL vs. Black PPL  Wen trippin

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